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Bulova - A Legacy Of Innovation

The history of Bulova Watches can be dated all the way back to 1875, when its creator Joseph Bulova at the age of 19 opened his own jewellery store in Lower Manhattan, where he quickly established a fantastic reputation for his level of work. In 1912, Bulova opened a plant designed entirely to the production of jewelled wristwatch movements in Bienne, Switzerland, using an assembly line for true efficiency. Just 7 years later, the first range of mens Bulova watches were released to great fanfare, establishing an iconic style which lasts to this day. Soon after the construction of the Bulova Observatory in Manhattan was complete, this accurately measured astral time which set all the companies timepieces. Following its formative years, Bulova continued its revolution with the development of classic radio and TV commercials which were revolutionary for the time. The unveiling of the Bulova Accutron in the 1960's was an incredible step of innovation offering a new standard in timekeeping and the respect for the Bulova brand was such that they produced timing instruments for NASA on satellites and the first moonwalk on that faithful day on July 21st in 1969. Bulova has continued its evolution as such, that in 2010 Bulova released the Bulova Accutron Limited Edition Spaceview in homage of the first Accutron Callibre 214. The Bulova Accutron has continued its consistent level of innovation which is rarely rivalled let alone matched, it allows high performance quartz and unparalleled accuracy. Such careful precision epitomises the Bulova brand and it shows in every collection which is released.

The Bulova Diamond Collection, for example, offers chic feminine senses with contemporary designs offering that perfect dress look for the ideal Bulova Ladies Watch. Contrasting styles are shown in the Bulova Sea King Collection, offering rugged designs and specific features for the inner sportsman. Minimalist dials and rugged features are common features within the Bulova Military Collection, a set reflecting a period of times gone but still in keeping with the modern innovation which Bulova represents. A composite of revolution, the Bulova Marine Star Collection uses Duramic, a lightweight combination of ceramic and nylon, which combined with precision features, make for a unique set of underwater accessories.

Perhaps the biggest step taken by Bulova in recent times was the 2010 unveiling of the Bulova Precisionist, which is a representation of years of development and design.The most important attributes of the Bulova Precisionist are by far its ability to address temperature change and vibration frequency, which are disturbances which commonly affect quartz movements. Such incredible precision and address of signature improvements sums up the overall goal of the Bulova brand, continual innovation and creation, but most of all expanding upon a legacy which is 140 years in the making.

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